Most stunning red animals

Western Red Scorpionfish: deadly marine fish is one of the most colorful types of red animals in the ocean. The mottled red scales and tassel-like appendages provide camouflage.

Measuring no more than an inch long, the strawberry poison dart frog seems deceptively unassuming. Like the fruit for which it’s named, most populations featured red skin covered with black spots.

The blood-red glider is a colorful medium-sized butterfly from central Africa. The backside of the butterfly is covered by a bright blood red color fringed with black markings.

Clad in bright, extravagant colors and massive fan-like fins, the Siamese fighting fish, also known as bettas, were originally native to the freshwater lakes and rivers of Southeast Asia.

Native to the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China, the red panda belongs on any list of red animals from around the world just for being utterly cute and adorable.

Red squirrels are among the most common (and cute) mammals in the world. There are actually several different types of species that exhibit red fur, including the Eurasian red squirrel.

Among the most common red animals on the planet is the cute and humble ladybug.  Red adult ladybugs will often develop these bright colors to warn away predators in the mating season.

These large wading birds, which can be found along the wetlands and coast of South America and the Caribbean, are covered in scarlet plumage except for their black wingtips. 

The northern cardinal is a small but fast-flying songbird that inhabits much of temperate North America (a similar species, known as the vermilion cardinal, can be found in South America as well). 

Scarlet Macaws top the list of red animals for their iconic and colorful plumage. Measuring about 33 inches from beak to tail, they rank among the largest parrots in the entire world.

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