Most Underrated Books and Book Series

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Lumatere Chronicles - Melina Marchetta: No one really ever reads it. The author, Melina Marchetta is probably the most underrated author of the decade.

Evil Genius Series - Catherine Jinks: A great book trilogy, just behind the Artemis Fowl series. It's nerve-wracking, has lots of plot-twists and no grammatical or spelling errors.

Madeline - Ludwig Bemelmans: Ludwig Bemelmans was an Austrian-American writer and illustrator of children's books and adult novels.

Curious George - Margret and H.A. Rey: The first book in the Curious George series, it tells the story of an orphaned monkey named George and his adventures with the Man with the Yellow Hat.

Replica Series - Marilyn Kaye: A great series even if it is a tad bit short. It portrays the evil behind school doors and how cloning is possible. I started reading it when I was in 5th year.

The Three Railway Engines - Wilbert Awdry: Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends remain as popular as ever, loved by millions all over the world. 

Starcrossed Series - Josephine Angelini: I think its underrated. I never saw it in trailers, and very little read them. This is the 3rd greek mythology-based book I've read and its really good. 

Little Bear - Else Holmelund Minarik: From the illustrator of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. Little Bear loves to go on adventures and Mother Bear is always there when he needs her.

Time of the Eagle - Sheryl Jordan: Admit it, this book is not very famous. The reviewers only reviewed this book because the author previously wrote an award-winning book.

The Big Honey Hunt - Stan and Jan Berenstain: The Big Honey Hunt is a children's book by Stan and Jan Berenstain, the first in the long-running Berenstain Bears series.

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