Most unpopular countries in the world

South Africa -
While South Africa is a country with an incredibly complex social and political history, the violence and racial segregation stand out to many of the voters.

Canada - One user gave just one simple reason for his antagonism towards the Great White North: Justin Bieber.

Germany - Germany is a gorgeous country but its Nazi history makes it unpopular.

Somalia - Piracy has long been an issue off the coast of this African country.

Indonesia -
In 1998, political unrest and the growing Asian financial crisis triggered a series of protests across Indonesia.

Vatican City -
The Vatican City is a tiny nation within the Italian capital of Rome that houses the Pope and the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church.

Qatar -
Qatar is a country known for its human rights violations, gender inequality, and massively imbalanced distribution of wealth.

Myanmar -
Myanmar has been widely criticized for the ongoing genocide against the Muslim Rohingya people living there.

Turkey - In 2017, Turkey was accused of major human rights violations by the UN.

Serbia - There is a long history of anti-Serbian sentiment toward this country and its people by Kosovars and Croats.

Mexico -
Mexico is a beautiful country with a rich cultural history, but it's also associated with corruption and drug gangs that terrorize large areas. 

Italy - The haters on the site claim Italians aren’t polite and that they’re not welcoming to foreigners. Do you agree?

France - Apparently, the French have an infamous reputation for rudeness and snobbery, particularly towards tourists.

Syria - The country has been torn apart due to the ongoing civil war and conflict.

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