The most unpopular countries in the world

South Africa: While South Africa is a country with an incredibly complex social and political history.

Canada: One user gave just one simple reason for his antagonism towards the Great White North.

Australia: How can anyone feel any sort of animosity towards such a beautiful country.

Myanmar: Myanmar has been widely criticized for the ongoing genocide against the Muslim Rohingya.

Qatar: Qatar is a country known for its human rights violations, gender inequality, and massively.

Vatican City: The Vatican City is a tiny nation within the Italian capital of Rome.

Turkey: In 2017, Turkey was accused of major human rights violations by the UN.

Argentina: After winning the FIFA World Cup, Argentina moved from the 28th to the 23rd position.

Indonesia: In 1998, political unrest and the growing Asian financial crisis triggered a series of protests across Indonesia.

Serbia: There is a long history of anti-Serbian sentiment toward this country and its people by Kosovars and Croats.

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