Most weirdest-animals

Lyrebirds:While many birds, like the mockingbirds, thrashers, and catbirds, can mimic the sounds of other birds, the lyrebird is unique because it can mimic environmental sounds.

Leafy Sea Dragon:If you are diving in the waters off the south and central Australian coast and see something resembling a twig in the seas.

Myotonic Goat:myotonic goats have a unique defense mechanism. These animals fall when they are scared, and their limbs become rigid. 

Gerenuk:The East Africa gerenuk has an extremely long neck, but these animals are also strange because of their ability to rear up and stand on their back legs.

Okapi:The strange coloring pattern on the okapi makes you wonder if this animal is a species of deer or zebra, but okapis are the only living relative of the giraffe.

Markhor:can grow to be 5 feet long on mature males. Females of this species that is the largest of the goat family, live in herds of 50-to-100 animals.

Echidna:is the only mammal to lay eggs. This member of the anteater family lives in Australia, Tasmania, and Papua New Guinea, where it is a solitary animal that is active during the day and evening.

Kinkajou: These animals can turn their feet around so that they can efficiently run backward. While the kinkajou’s body is only about 20 inches long, its tail can be as long as its body.

Blue Glaucus:is a mollusk found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans. The blue dragon floats through the water on its back, and it uses an air bubble on its stomach to keep it swimming.

Glass Frog:is strange because its abdomen is transparent. Therefore, you can see its internal organs.

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