Music's best female drummers

Viola Smith (1912–2020) -
Music pundits regard Viola Smith as the first professional female drummer, working as she did with orchestras, swing bands, and popular music from as early as the 1920s.

Cindy Blackman -
Cindy Blackman started playing drums at age seven and is regarded by many as the best female drummer working today.

Caroline Corr -
The blend of Celtic pop-rock Irish band The Corrs is known for is very often guided by Caroline Corr's dependable drum work and percussion.

Debbi Peterson -
The drummer with the hugely successful all-female band The Bangles, Debbi Peterson also provides backup or lead vocals on nearly every track.

Sandy West (1959–2006) -
Sandy West was one of music's great post-punk drummers.

Nikki Glaspie - She's today one of music's most compelling stickwomen, recording and touring with The Nth Power.

Janet Weiss -
Highly regarded as a rock drummer, Janet Weiss is known to many as a former member of Sleater-Kinney.

Hannah Welton-Hannah Welton was playing drums at the tender age of 12 before studying the instrument at the Chicago College of Performing Arts, where jazz fusion became her preferred style of playing.

Dee Plakas -
Demetra Plakas—Dee to everybody in the business—learned to play the drums while in high school. By age 25, she was drumming with the all-female rock band L7. 

Georgia Hubley -
Formed in 1984, indie rock band Yo La Tengo has consisted of Ira Kaplan (guitars, piano, vocals), James McNew (bass, vocals), and Georgia Hubley (drums, piano, vocals). 

Linda Pitmon -
Linda Pitmon honed her craft in high school, playing percussion in a band and later as part of an orchestra.

Roxy Petrucci -
Roxy Petrucci is one of rock's hardcore drummers, responsible for the explosive percussion blasting out of heavy metal bands Madam X and Vixen. 

Jen Ledger -
As the drummer with American outfit Skillet, Jen Ledger has helped the band become one of the biggest names in Christian rock.

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