National Parks to Visit in December

Denali: Much of the park’s roads are closed, and the only way one can explore the park during winter is through cross-country skiing and snowshoeing along numerous trails. 

 White Sands:December is a great time to visit White Sands National Park if you want to explore wintry holiday activities in a less crowded place. There is plenty of sun and warmth during the day .

Great Smoky Mountains:One of the best times to visit the Great Smoky Mountains is in December. The most stunning phenomenon in the park is the snow and crystallization of the water.

Yosemite:December is an excellent time to visit Yosemite National Park in the Sierra Nevada in California. Yosemite is less crowded in December.

Grand Canyon :Visit viewpoints via the park shuttle to see the canyons. I recommend taking a walk to the shuttle point because it beats driving in the snow.

Everglades National Park: The temperatures drop to comfortable levels in Florida during December. This is why Everglades is a popular tourist spot during this time of the year.

Joshua Tree: is the best place to be if you want to explore the best views of dusty hikes on a winter day, unique landscapes, and stargazing opportunities on chilly nights in the park. 

Glacier:Experience a snowy-white adventure at Glacier National Park in December. Winter is a perfect time to see the Going-to-the-Sun Road under temperatures that aren’t bitterly cold .

 Zion National Park:In the winter, Zion National Park is a popular place to visit because it has warm daytime temperatures that range from 50℉ to 70℉. 

Death Valley:December is the perfect time to visit Death Valley National Park. Winter brings cooler and more manageable temperatures as compared to summer.

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