Nazare the most dangerous surfing destination in the world

Maya Gabeira: Brazilian surfer Maya Gabeira is the best female big wave surfer in the world.

Maya Gabeira: Her record is even more incredible considering she nearly died at that the same spot a few years earlier.

Alex Botelho: Following Gabeira, many other surfers suffered serious injuries at Nazaré.

An obsession: Despite the obvious peril, big wave surfers just keep coming back to Nazaré.

Nazaré: From October through March you can find these giant waves, which also bring a lot of tourists to Nazaré.

Bravery: A surfer carves a long trail with the surfboard's fins while surfing a powerful wave.

Attraction: People gather at the beach to look at the big waves.

Imposing: A fantastic close-up of a surfer being chased by a wave.

Blue world: Australian surfer Ross Clarke-Jones surfs an impressive wave while the public watches.

Rescue: A jet ski tries to get away from the waves while towing a surfer.

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