Nemo Fish Names

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Coral: The mother of Nemo is a Clownfish called Coral, who died during the attack of barracudas.

Bruce: The Bruce is a species of fish that represent the Great White Shark in the ocean that belongs to a species of large mackerel shark.

Gill: Gill is a fish character representing the Moorish Idol species. Gill is the leader of the Tank Gang.

Peach: The Peach is a pink colored marine animal actually without a brain that represents the ochre sea star species or simply sea star species.

Gurgle: Gurgle is a beautiful fish character in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’ that represents Royal Gramma species of fish. 

Crush & Squirt: Crush and Squirt are the names of the turtles in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’ that actually represent the Sea Turtles species.

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