Non-baby related gift ideas for new parents

Handheld vacuum - A handheld vacuum is super handy and easy to use, store, and empty. A great gift for new parents!

The perfect Netflix pillow - Help new parents binge-watch their favorite series in comfort and buy them a big special pillow for the occasion.

Adults-only blanket -
A big cozy blanket that is only for parents is the ideal practical gift. 

Virtual assistant -
When new mothers or fathers have their hands full, a virtual assistant that speaks and listens can be a great help! 

Noise cancelling headphones - A good set of noise-canceling headphones can help new parents dose off into a deeper sleep and relaxation, especially with a loud toddler in the house.

Fitness tracker - A fitness tracker not only helps new parents keep up with their health, but can also serve as a motivational tool to get in shape.

Soft luxury towels - Buy new parents their own set of luxurious towels that are only meant for them. No babies are allowed to touch them!

Spa gift basket - Since a newborn often keeps new parents homebound, a gift basket to make an at-home spa is a brilliant idea!

Bath caddy - One can place a book, a glass of your favorite drink, and other pampering essentials on a bath caddy and have it all within reach during relaxation.

Pressure cooker - What better gift for new parents than an instant pot that makes cooking a lot easier, quicker, and perhaps even tastier!

Matching pajamas -
The epitome of cute! Matching sets for the family make for great memories.

Dreamy scented candles -
Take new parents on a vacation with candles and scents that smell like paradise.

Easy and kid-friendly luggage - Traveling with children can be a challenge altogether. Luggage that rolls on four wheels and is easy to move and carry is a great present to give new parents. 

Your presence - In the first few days, weeks, and perhaps months, new parents hardly have the chance to leave the house. So, go visit! Your presence is the best gift.

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