Notable black filmmakers who changed Hollywood forever

Spike Lee -
Spike Lee first emerged in the late '80s with 'She’s Gotta Have It' (1986), a film about the love life of a contemporary black woman.

Steve McQueen -
The British filmmaker is best known for his Academy Award-winning film '12 Years a Slave' (2013), which earned him the prize for Best Picture. 

Barry Jenkins -
Barry Jenkins directed two short films before debuting the critically acclaimed 'Medicine for Melancholy' in 2008. 

John Singleton (1968-2019) -
At the age of 24, John Singleton became the youngest person ever to be nominated for Best Director at the Academy Awards and the first African American. 

Dee Rees -
A student of director Spike Lee, Dee Rees graduated from New York University and immediately went to work, interning for several of Lee's projects. 

Debbie Allen -
The actress, dancer, singer, producer, and director is best known for her work as a director-producer on the popular '90s sitcom 'A Different World.' 

Tim Story -
Tim Story is one of the most successful black filmmakers around. He directed 'Barbershop' in 2002, a comedy that resulted in two other films. 

Antoine Fuqua -
Antoine Fuqua got his start in the industry directing music videos for artists such as Toni Braxton, Prince, and Stevie Wonder. 

Carl Franklin -
Carl Franklin is an American actor and filmmaker who made his directorial breakthrough with the crime drama 'One False Move' (1992). 

Amma Asante -
Amma Asante is a British actress and filmmaker who first became known for her having written and produced the 1998 BBC series 'Brothers and Sisters.' 

Robert Townsend -
Townsend is best known for directing the films 'Hollywood Shuffle' (1987), 'Eddie Murphy Raw' (1987), 'The Meteor Man' (1993), and various other films and stand-up specials.

Haile Gerima -
The Ethiopian filmmaker has received wide international acclaim for his films 'Ashes and Embers' (1982) and 'Sankofa' (1993).

Michael Schultz -
Michael Schultz is an American director and producer, who is best known for his films 'Cooley High' (1975), 'Car Wash' (1976), and 'Krush Groove' (1985).

Darnell Martin -
Darnell Martin's debut feature, 'I Like It Like That' (1994), made her the first African-American woman to write and direct a film for a major Hollywood studio.

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