The oddest New Year traditions from around the world

Norway: In Norway and Denmark, they prepare a Nordic dessert called kransekage.

Bahamas:  In the Bahamas, they celebrate on the streets by joining the annual New Year's Day Junkanoo parade.

Austria: A gift of marzipan or chocolate pigs is seen as lucky in Austria. 

Iceland: According to Icelandic folklore, New Year's Eve is a time when the dead rise from their graves.

Italy: Italians believe that wearing red underwear on the night of New Year's.

Philippines: Anything in circles is considered sacred in the Philippines.

China: Around the new year, Chinese householders paint their front doors red.

Peru: If you're in Peru, try and catch the Takanakuy Festival.

Brazil: Brazilians celebrate their new year by throwing white flowers into the ocean.

Spain To secure a happy new year, inhabitants of this southern European nation.

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