Old English insults we should definitely bring back

Bedswerver -
Next time you refer to someone who commits adultery, call him/her a bedswerver. Shakespeare popularized the term and it became widely used in Victorian times.

Bobolyne -
Why call someone a fool when you can use the magnificent word “bobolyne” instead? The term was coined by one of Henry VIII’s schoolteachers, John Skelton.

Dorbel -
This insult has its roots in the name of an old French scholar named Nicolas d’Orbellis. It means a pedantic, nit-picking teacher.

Drate-poke -
Some people become drate-pokes when they have one too many. Meaning they speak indistinctly and drawl their speech.

Bespawler -
You know those people who slobber and spit when they talk? You can call them bespawlers.

Gnashgab -
We all know that person who is always complaining. Or as they used to call them in the 18th century in northern England, a gnashgab.

Gobermouch -
This Old Irish term was used to describe a meddling person. So if you come across a person like this, call him/her a gobermouch and tell him/her to mind his/her own business!

Quisby -
We all know someone who is a bit lazy at work, or as the Victorians called it, someone who is a quisby.

Rakefire -
You know the visitor who just doesn’t go away? The person who stays until the host has to rake the dying coals in the fireplace? That’s a rakefire.

Stampcrab -
Are you a bit clumsy, or do you know someone who is? Use the word “stampcrab” next time you or the other person spill that coffee!

Stymphalist -
The word derives from the toxic-smelling Stymphalian birds in Greeks mythology. People who stink would be called stymphalists.

Sorner -
A sorner was a moocher who made a living by sponging off others. The word dates back to the 16th century.

Whiffle-whaffle -
Instead of “no time wasters,” you can use this wonderful term next time you put up an ad to sell something online.

Klazomaniac -
You know those people who just can’t seem to be able to speak without shouting? You can call them klazomaniacs.

Wandought -
You definitely don’t want to be branded as the “wandought” at work, or anywhere for that matter. This term is used to describe an ineffective man, someone weak.

Zounderkite -
Road rage would be a lot more fun with people calling each other a “zounderkite” instead of an idiot!

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