On this day in film and TV November 3

Heading 1

1997: British TV comedy "I'm Alan Partridge" starring Steve Coogan premieres on BBC Two.

1983: Nashville Network begins on cable TV.

1978: First broadcast of "Different Strokes" on NBC TV.

1975: Good Morning America premieres on ABC (David Hartman & Nancy Dussault).

1953: "Tokyo Story", Japanese film directed by Yasujirō Ozu, starring Chishū Ryū, Chieko Higashiyama and Setsuko Hara.

1956 1939: film "The Wizard of Oz" televised for 1st time - hosted by Bert Lahr and 10 year old Liza Minnelli.

1988: Talk-show host Geraldo Rivera's nose is broken as Roy Innis brawls with skinheads at TV taping.

1998: "Shakespeare in Love" directed by John Madden and starring Gwyneth Paltrow.

2019: Olivia Newton-John's black leather outfit from the film "Grease" sells for $405,700.

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