Optical illusions that will astound you

Depth perception: This picture challenges your perception of depth.

Day and Night' (1938): M. C. Escher, a well-known graphic artist, is renowned for his art that portrays optical illusions.

What can you see: What do you perceive in this image? It could be a tree or the outlines of two faces.

Unsolvable box: The impossible cube, another mind-bending creation by Escher, may first appear as a perspective drawing.

Penrose stairs: This impossible staircase, created by British psychiatrist and mathematician Lionel Penrose.

Impossible tribar: The impossible tribar was initially conceived by Swedish graphic artist Oscar Reutersvärd.

Two or three: The Devil's Tuning Fork is an illusion created by D.H. Schuster in 1964.

Moving snakes: The Rotating Snakes illusion, created by psychology professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka.

Ilusory motion: This image, though it looks like it's moving, is actually completely still. 

Ilusory motion: The motion occurs due to the arrangement of shapes and different colors.

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