Hilariously petty arguments only married people have

The cups of water: Half-empty or half-full? The only certainty is that forgetting them around the house.

Which way does toilet paper go: One couple could not agree on if toilet paper should go over the top or down behind on the toilet paper.

Egg removal: One husband revealed that his wife likes to remove eggs from the edges of the carton.

Chore time choices: When it’s time to clean the house, one wife said she’d be doing the general vacuuming and dishes.

What to do with soap bar slivers: Tired of neglected soap bar remnants in the shower? Or are you trying to squish old soap bits.

Seasoning without tasting: One spouse wrote that her partner put salt on everything before even tasting it.

The order of putting groceries away: One wife, who garnered nearly 3,000 likes, complained that her husband would put groceries from the bag.

How to load the dishwasher: If you’ve just been throwing cutlery randomly in its basket.

To snooze or not to snooze: Do you prefer the gradual wake up of snooze buttons, or do you like sleeping solidly right up until you need to get up.

Levels of laundry dirtiness: One woman said her husband insists that the clothes he has worn once are not dirty enough for the hamper.

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