Phenomenal facts about flatulence

How much do we fart: Adults produce approximately two pints (1 liter) of gas per day. 

How much space does a fart take up: Yes, researchers have conducted studies on this.

You shouldn’t hold farts in: Gas can build up and a big one might come out at some point.

Fart bullying: According to BBC, in 2019, a man in Australia sued his former company for AUS$1.8m.

Canada: In 2016, the Canadian government actually debated the use of the word “fart” in the parliament.

Don’t fart in Germany: Well, at least not in front of Berlin’s police officers.

Farts have a place in literature: William Shakespeare for instance, has used fart jokes, such as the one in ‘A Comedy of Errors.

Farts have a place in literature: Other pieces of literature that mention farts include, Dante Alighieri’s ‘The Inferno,’ Geoffrey Chaucer’s.

Farts have a place in literature: Jonathan Swift even wrote a pamphlet called ‘The Benefit of Farting’ in 1722.

James Joyce: In addition to the reference in ‘Ulysses,’ the author did seem to have an erotic obsession with flatulence.

Eproctophilia: Yes, it seems that James Joyce was sexually attracted to flatulence, and he’s not alone.

Joseph Pujol: The French flatulist and entertainer, also known as ‘Le Pétoman.

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