Pink animals you never knew existed

Roseate spoonbill: You can find these pink wading birds with spoon-shaped bills in the shallow waters of South America.

Pink orchid mantis: This flower mantis can be found in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. 

Pink robin: These birds are endemic to Australia, where you'll mostly find them in rain forests and eucalypt forests.

Amazon river dolphin: These adorable toothed whale species are native to South America.

Rosy maple moth: This North American moth features a woolly body and pink and yellow coloration.

Major Mitchell’s cockatoo: These cool birds, endemic to semi-arid inland areas of Australia, are also simply known as "pink cockatoos.

Galah: The galah is yet another Australian pink bird you might not know about.

Allen Cays rock iguana: This species, native to the Exuma Island group in  the Bahamas, is critically endangered.

Pink katydid (bush cricket): A blushing pink katydid is an extremely rare example of a condition called erythrism.

Purple harlequin toad: Like other bright-colored frogs and toads, the purple harlequin toad produces toxic compounds in its skin.

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