Places to See on Your California Road Trip

First Church of Christ Scientist: Bernard Maybeck viewed the architectural canon as a style smorgasbord.

Beverly Hills Hotel Refurbishment: The hillside Hollywood sign is not the only famous symbol in Los Angeles.

Hotel del Coronado: The Hotel del Coronado is one of the oldest and largest all-wooden buildings in California.

Diamond Ranch High School: Sitting high on its Californian hillside location, the Diamond Ranch High School.

Crystal Cathedral: The roots of American “megachurches” go back some 50 years, but the phenomenon achieved its greatest expansion in the 1980s.

Joshua Tree Monument: Josh Schweitzer’s “monument” is aptly named, for although it is a domestic dwelling.

Case Study House No. 22: One of the most famous and influential house designs of the late 20th century.

Rosen House: Rosen House was one of the few single-story, steel houses designed by Craig Ellwood.

Disney Concert Hall: The billowing stainless steel forms of the Disney Concert Hall occupy an entire downtown block in Los Angeles.

International Center for Possibility Thinking: The Crystal Cathedral campus at Garden Grove in Los Angeles is home to three monuments of Modernist.

28th Street Apartments: The 28th Street Apartments building is an excellent example of the reuse, adaptation.

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