Poland inches closer to access European Union

Poland EU aid: The bill cleared its first hurdle on Friday after the ruling party secured a majority 
in parliament to push on with the legislation.

A bill that promises to give Poland’s government access to billions of euros in European Union aid cleared its first hurdle.

The ruling party secured a majority in parliament to push on with the legislation.Polish parliament takes first step to back bill accessing EU aid.

The lower house voted 203-52, with 189 abstentions, in favor of sending the bill to the upper house, which is controlled by the opposition. Szymon Szynkowski vel Sek.

The cabinet minister who helped negotiate a deal last month to release €35.4 billion ($38.4 billion) in post-pandemic funding by reversing changes.

The judiciary, warned in an interview that the government will struggle to adopt the law.The legislation is an attempt by the ruling Law & Justice party.

The European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, over rule-of-law standards. It would reverse changes to Poland’s judicial system,which the EU said politicized an institution.

The opposition, which also criticizes Law & Justice’s judicial overhaul, proposed amendments that the ruling party has rejected, while lawmakers close to eurosceptic Justice Minister.