Top 10 Popular Weed Dispensaries in California

Kushmart: Kushmart claims that it is the best dispensary to get medical marijuana in Downtown Los Angeles.

La Brea Compassionate Caregivers: La Brea Compassionate Caregivers is also located in Los Angeles and Yelp reviews really speaks volumes of the facility. 

Harborside Health Center: Harborside Health Center, like many of the dispensaries on this list prides itself in using “finest quality” cannabis products. 

Exhale Med Center: Exhale Med Center also makes the claim of being the best dispensary in Los Angeles.

Koreatown Collective: Koreatown Collective is located in Los Angeles and has a pretty extensive menu.

HERB: HERB is another Los Angeles dispensary with a pretty good reputation. 

CBCB: CBCB prides itself in “safety, community, innovation, education, natural solutions.

Canna Culture Collective: Canna Culture Collective is located in San Jose, California with an online demo store.

Top Shelf Delivery: Top Shelf Delivery is more of a vendor-delivery play. 

Waterfall Wellness: Waterfall Wellness is located in San Francisco and calls itself a neighborhood dispensary. 

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