Prison break: insane inmate escapes

Taliban Tunnel - In 2011, prisoners escaped from Sarposa prison via a tunnel dug by the Taliban. More than 480 made their way to freedom, as reported by Time.

T.J. Lane - Nineteen-year-old T.J. Lane, who was in jail for murdering three of his classmates in 2012, broke out of a medium security jail using a makeshift ladder.

El Chapo - The infamous Mexican drug lord escaped from prison not once but twice, in 2001 and more recently in 2015.

David Sweat and Richard Matt - These two convicted murderers broke out of New York's largest state prison in 2015. They cut through a steel wall and escaped via tunnel.

French Bonnie and Clyde - Similarly, Nadine Vaujour also used a chopper as a getaway vehicle when she broke her husband, Michel Vaujour, out of jail in 1986.

Alfred George Hinds - Another criminal who managed to escape numerous times was escape artist Alfred George Hinds.

Choi Gap-bok - Perhaps the most creative escape goes to this clever inmate, who managed his escape via a tiny food slot. 

Alfréd Wetzler - In April of 1944, he escaped by hiding in a pile of cut wood. After a three-day search by guards, he emerged and made his way to Slovakia and freedom.

Escape from death row - In 1984, six convicts awaiting the electric chair broke out of the Mecklenburg Correctional Center, a medium security facility.

Great Escape - More than 600 prisoners worked on three tunnels nicknamed 'Tom,' 'Dickk,' and 'Harry.' Eventually, 76 men were able to escape.

John Gerard - After enduring much torture, Jesuit priest John Gerard broke out of the Tower of London. He escaped using a rope and fled on a boat, notes Time.

John Dillinger - This criminal used a fake gun in his ingenious escape. 

Libby Prison -
After gaining access to an abandoned kitchen in the basement, more than 100 officers managed to successfully break out using a tunnel.

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