Proven tips to deal with rising inflation

Be aware of shrinkflation: Shrinkflation is a tactic where companies will slowly shrink the contents of the packages and goods you buy.

Ask for a raise: With the current high inflation rate, it's time to develop some bargaining skills.

Buy the car you’re leasing: Inflation data in 2022 has shown that new-vehicle prices rose 13.6% since March 2021.

Time your expected purchases: People sometimes save up for unexpected expenses, such as house or car repairs or even medical bills. 

Seek a higher return on happiness: When prices start soaring, take your time to think about what you’re spending money on and why. 

Control your lifestyle creep: Inflation can be an opportunity to try and cut down on lifestyle creep.

Better insulate your home: Given the current higher costs of fuel, it's a good idea to invest in better insulation for your home.

Account for shadow inflation: Remember when restaurants gave you free bread and butter.

Update your CV: With the current job market, there’s an opportunity for many employees to find new positions that will pay them more.

Dive into drugstore skin care: If you shop at beauty stores, consider giving the beauty sections at other stores, like supermarkets or pharmacies.

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