Ranking the cutest dog breeds

Australian shepherd: Also called Aussies, they are highly effective herding dogs.

French bulldog: In recent years, the French bulldog has gained immense popularity.

Beagle: The beagle is a small hound primarily bred for hunting.

Pembroke Welsh corgi: The cattle herding dog breed enjoyed great favor from Queen Elizabeth II due to their reputation for sociability.

American Staffordshire terrier: Also referred to as an Amstaff, this particular breed traces its ancestry back to the Bull and Terrier.

Shetland sheepdog: The Shetland Islands give their name to this herding dog breed, also called a Sheltie.

Golden retriever: This breed's name reflects its role as a hunting dog.

Dachshund: The hound breed commonly known as a sausage dog was originally bred for hunting purposes and can be challenging to train.

Siberian Husky: Originating in Asia, this working dog breed displays a notable resemblance to wolves.

English setter: English setters are a hunting breed known for their intelligence, strong-will, and mischievous nature.

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