rare purple animals

Violet-Crowned Woodnymph:is part of the hummingbird family, often found in subtropical or tropical habitats. At 10.2cm long, the adult features a violet crown that matches its upper back, shoulders.

Purple Grenadier: is a type of finch that typically lives in eastern Africa. They have purple feathers for their entire life, rather than later developing the color like the violet-crowned woodnymph.

Longhorn Beetle: is more of a greyish purple than a vibrant color like other rare purple animals on this list. Also known as longicorns, these beetles are an invasive species, invading homes. 

Magnificent Sea Anemone: are rare purple animals found in the Indo-Pacific region of the world. Though the flared oral disc and the tentacles tend to be light beige or white.

Costa’s Hummingbird:is the second purple hummingbird found on this list. These naturally purple animals follow the same pattern as other birds, only displaying purple in the male’s feathers .

Violet-Backed Starling:offers metallic shades of purple across their feathers, though this shade is often seen on the male. It is used as a way to attract a female, which is mostly brown with some .

Purple Starfish: is found deep in the water. Animals that reside a couple of meters below the surface often are hidden by the lack of light. Purple is the easiest to see from a certain depth.

Spanish Shawl: a sea slug, is vibrant with both violet and orange to decorate its body. Typically, they are found on the west coast of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Galapagos Islands. 

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