Rarest Waterfalls in the World

Lynn Camp Prong Cascades: as it tumbles down the mountain near the Middle Prong Trail. Because the trail follows an old logging railroad, it is easy to walk on a wide, generally flat route. 

Rainbow Falls: is accessible via the Rainbow Falls Trail, a moderately challenging 5.4-mile round-trip hike. During the morning hours, this 80-foot-high waterfall.

Baskins Creek Falls: The waterfall measures 40 feet tall and has two levels. However, the path should not be taken lightly despite its simplicity as it can get pretty tough as you go along it.

Hen Wallow Falls:A lovely hike through the hemlock and rhododendron forest leads to the wonderful.Despite being just two feet wide at the top Hen Wallow Creek width increases 20 feet at the bottom.

 Ramsey Cascades:Trail, is the tallest waterfall in the Smoky Mountains. Despite its reputation for being difficult, the eight-mile round trip journey to the top of the peak is well worth the effort.

Abrams Falls: Especially impressive is its deep, broad pool. The creek and waterfall got their names from a Cherokee chief whose tribe originally sat a couple of miles downstream.

Fern Branch Falls:cascade from a small stream. The waterfall is 40 feet high. Porters Creek Trail has wildflowers in spring, but it also has history and beauty year-round. 

Laurel Falls: are named for mountain laurel, an evergreen plant that blooms along the route and near the falls in May. 

Tom Branch Falls:is about 0.7 miles long until it meets the Indian Creek Trail.Tom Branch Falls an impressive 60-foot waterfall on the far side of Deep Creek can be seen as you travel.

Grotto Falls:is unique in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park because it’s the only waterfall that you can walk behind. During the summer, this 25-foot waterfall provides hikers with a cool.

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