Readers’ Poll 5 Best Mariah Carey Songs

Always Be My Baby: Carey tied with Madonna and Whitney Houston for most chart-topping singles in 1996 with "Always Be My Baby.

Hero: Originally written by Carey for Gloria Estefan, "Hero" was used as the centerpiece song for the film of the same name starring Dustin Hoffman.

We Belong Together: For a female artist to make a comeback in her mid-thirties is almost entirely unheard of in mainstream pop, but Carey is unlike most other pop artists. 

Fantasy: Fantasy" was an important track for both Carey and pop music overall. For many, the hip-hop-leaning sound of both the original track and the Bad Boy Remix.

Vision of Love: Naturally, Carey's debut single is easily her most iconic. The vocal acrobats she shows off with ease inspired an entire generation of pop vocalists.

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