Readers’ Poll 5 Best Michael Jackson Songs

Smooth Criminal: With a propulsive beat and defiantly protective lyrics toward the injured "Annie.

Beat It: The Number Two single of 1983 came about because Thriller producer Quincy Jones wanted Jackson to, to borrow a phrase, get the Knack. 

Thriller: Heatwave's Rod Temperton, who also wrote "Off the Wall" and "Rock With You" for the Gloved One, penned the title track from Jackson's 1982 blockbuster.

Billie Jean: Jackson's slinky, paranoid chronicle of a woman who claims he's the father of her son spent seven weeks atop the Hot 100 and was his launching pad for the moonwalk. 

Man in the Mirror: A sparkling, gospel-tinged mantra of self-betterment that could be seen as the phrase "the personal is political" being transformed into a song.

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