Reasons why your car won't start

The battery is dead -
A dead battery is an annoyingly popular reason why a car won't start. Without this key electrical component, your car simply won't get going.

There's a problem with the alternator - The alternator essentially distributes electricity to the car and recharges the battery. If it's faulty, then the car won't start.

Your car is in gear -
For your car to start, it needs to be in neutral or park. If your car is in gear, then it shouldn't start.

It might be a faulty fuse -
Fuses protect the electrical wiring in vehicles, so if there is a faulty or blown one, your car won't start.

Maybe it's a faulty fuel pump relay -
Look out for the engine light on you dashboard, as well as inconsistent acceleration, the engine stalling, and, of course, the car not starting.

It can be a problem with the ignition switch - The ignition switch directs power from the  battery to other components,  if the starter or ignition system doesn't have power, then the car won't start.

The battery of your car's key fob might be dead - The push-start button on your car won't work if it doesn't receive a signal from then key fob.

You might have a bad spark plug -
A bad spark plug will not allow fuel ignition, so the car won't start.

It might be the distributor cap or rotor - In addition, the distributor cap or rotor may be damaged. The distributor directs current from the ignition coil to the spark plugs.

It can be the timing belt -
The timing belt is crucial for the engine to work. If it's broken, then it doesn't work. If it actually breaks while the car is running, it damages the engine.

You have no fuel -
This is a pretty obvious one, but it can happen. You may not have enough fuel in the tank for the car to start.

The fuel filter might be clogged -
A completely clogged fuel filter will reduce fuel pressure and it won't reach the engine, so the car won't start.

There's a problem with the ground cable - If it is faulty or damaged, it can affect the electrical current from reaching key parts of the vehicle, and, consequently, the car won't start.

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