Remarkable photos of giant monuments in Canada

World's Tallest Tepee - World's tallest tepee, located off the Trans-Canada highway just outside Medicine Hat, Alberta.

The World’s Largest Pysanka - This gigantic Ukrainian Easter egg is located in Vegreville, Alberta.

 The World's Largest Fiddle - In honor of Nova Scotia's love of Celtic music and the fiddle, you can visit the world's largest fiddle in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

The World's Largest Axe - This 15-meter-tall axe is located in Nackawic, New Brunswick, a town recognized as the Forestry Capital of Canada in 1991.

 Giant Squid - This giant squid is located in Glovers Harbour, Newfoundland in honor of the 22-ton giant squid that was beached nearby in 1878.

 The Big Apple - The Big Apple in Colborne Ontario which is conveniently located next to the Big Apple pie store.

 Giant Lawn Mower - Herb Higginbottom built this giant lawn mower to spark interest in his Tool Museum in Enderby, British Columbia.

The World's Largest Dinosaur Statue - Located in Drumheller, Alberta, visitors can pay a fee to enter the World's Largest Dinosaur Statue for some great views of the badlands.

The World's Tallest Moose - Installed in 1984 Mac the Moose is located in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Mac is 10 meters tall and weighs 9000 kilograms.

The World's Largest Painting on an Easel - The World's largest painting on an easel is 23 meters high and located in Altona, Manitoba, the sunflower capital of Canada.

The World's Largest Paperclip - You can visit the World's Largest Paperclip in Kipling, Saskatchewan. This giant paperclip is 15 feet, two inches tall, and weighs 3,000 pounds!

The Giant Perogy - The town's Giant Perogy, featuring a fork, stands an impressive 27 feet tall and weighs roughly 6,000 pounds. 

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