Saba: the Caribbean's best-kept secret

The island - The Dutch-Caribbean island measures just 5 sq mi (13 sq km). It lies on top of a rocky, potentially active volcano covered in misty, green forests.

Location - The island is located just 30 minutes south of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and is accessible from St. Maarten by a ferry boat or a 12-minute plane ride.

Language - The official languages are both English and Dutch. The local vernacular is a form of Virgin Islands Creole English.

Historic churches - The oldest church is the Anglican Christ Church located in the village of The Bottom.

Traditional houses -
The characteristic houses have a cottage appearance and are typically white with red roofs.

Carnival - The highlight of the island's social calendar is the annual summer Carnival. 

Saba National Marine Park - The Saba National Marine Park circles the entire island and extends to 200 ft (60 m) in depth.

Dive sites - There are many dive sites around the island that include diverse species of fish and other marine life.

Out and about -
The island is home to fewer than 20 restaurants but you can still get a great meal and experience a bit of nightlife. 

Hell's Gate Triathlon -
The island hosts the Hell's Gate Triathlon every year, in which participants can run, bike, and swim while marveling at the breathtaking scenery.

Population - The island's population is close to 2,000 residents.

Vegetation - The majority of the island is covered in humid woodland forest, mango trees, and high-altitude mist etc.

The Unspoiled Queen - The island's nickname is "The Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean." 

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