Saints and their beloved animals

Saint Francis of Assisi -
Saint Francis of Assisi loved all creatures and lived in communion with nature. He is, to this day, the patron saint of animals.

Saint Roch -
The French saint is the patron saint of dogs. On his feast day, celebrated on August 16.

Saint Jerome -
Legend has it that Saint Jerome removed a thorn from the paw of a lion. In return, the animal quit eating other animals and joined Saint Jerome.

Saint Meinrad -
The 9th-century Swiss monk is known for attracting flocks of birds, and a pair of ravens in particular. 

Saint Martin de Porres - Saint Martin de Porres is said to have lived with a dog, a cat, a mouse, and a bird.

Saint Petroc -
Saint Petroc lived as a hermit in Cornwall, England, in the 4th century. He was known for rescuing animals from hunters and is sometimes portrayed with them.

Saint Anthony the Great -
Also known as St. Anthony the Abbot, the Christian monk who lived as a hermit in Egypt is said to have had a pig that followed him everywhere.

Saint Neot - One story says that he ordered a herd of deer to pull a plough after thieves stole the monastery's oxen.

Saint Corbinian -
The story goes that a bear attacked St. Corbinian’s horse and killed him, so he ordered the bear to put on the horse's saddle and carry his stuff.

Saint Veridiana -
The Italian saint is said to have lived alone for 34 years in a tiny cell, except for the company of two snakes.

Saint Sylvester -
Before becoming a saint, he served as Pope Sylvester I. It is said that he used to take care of a bull.

Saint Modestos -
The Archbishop of Jerusalem was known for being able to heal animals. He is the patron saint of farm animals in Greece.

Saint Philip Neri -
The 16th-century Italian priest and animal lover is said to have embraced a vegetarian diet. 

Saint John Bosco -
The 19th-century Italian priest was known for being protected by a dog named Grigio, that only appeared when the saint needed protection.

Saint Gertrude of Nivelles -
The 7th-century abbess from Belgium was known for her capacity to repel mice and rats, so she became the patron saint of cats, worshipped by cat lovers.

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