Sea Animals With Shells

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Sand dollar: A sand dollar is a type of sea urchin found along the coastlines of Australia and New Zealand.

chambered nautilus: Their shells are unique because they contain chambers inside them.

Turtles: This shell also helps regulate body temperature.

Tortoises: Tortoise shells are considered a symbol of good luck and wealth. 

Bivalvia: Bivalves are characterized by having two shells, each containing a single opening called a siphon.

roman snail:  They are found worldwide in shallow coastal waters. 

longhorn cowfish: The longhorn cowfish is a species of fish native to Australia. 

king crab: King crabs are some of the largest crustaceans in the world. 

pond slider: A pond slider lays about 100 eggs per year. 

Cockle: Cockles are molluscs (shellfish) found along the coastlines of the UK and Ireland.

radiated tortoise: Radiated tortoises are reptiles that live in Australia. 

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