Secrets behind famous monuments

Dolmen (Russia): On the mountains' slopes there are small houses made of flat stones.

Bolshoi Zayatsky Island (Russia): The Solovetsky islands have spiral labyrinths that can cause a person to get lost or exit through the same place.

Baalbek (Lebanon): Its likely that the Egyptians built the temple foundations.

Baalbek (Lebanon): The city ruins were part of a complex temple. 

Empire State Building (USA): Tourists can visit the top of the imposing New York monument.

Angkor Wat (Cambodia): When European colonizers discovered the temples in the 19th century.

Angkor Wat (Cambodia): The now uninhabited and mysterious Angkor Wat was inhabited for centuries by Buddhist monks.

Statue of Liberty (USA): The famous New York City landmark wasn't always green.

Big Ben (England): For some 160 years, pennies have been stacked on the pendulum to keep London's iconic clock accurate.

Westminster Abbey (England): Britain's largest church was left with a dirty yellow patina due to a thick smog that hit London in 1952.

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