Seven deadly sins characters who fell into temptation

Seven deadly sins - The concept of sin is present in a number of religious traditions. The cardinal sins in particular were introduced by the Catholic Church around the 6th century.

Sin in music -
Sin has been a recurring theme in music. An example include Madonna's 'I'm a Sinner.'

Sin in music -
Lady Gaga is also a good example of a pop star who sang about sin, in 'Sinner's Prayer.'

(S)inema -
David Fincher's 1995 film 'Seven' revolves around a serial killer who selects his victims based on the seven deadly sins.

Pride -
Proud people are usually vain. They care too much about their appearance and oftentimes overestimate their looks and talents. 

Pride: Harvey Specter -
Harvey Specter is an intelligent and quite charming lawyer, and he uses this to his advantage. The character from 'Suits' (2011–2019) is another good example of pride.

Lust -
Lust is all about giving in to temptation and the pleasures of the flesh. Fidelity is often difficult for those who indulge in lust.

Lust: Brandon -
Michael Fassbender plays Brandon in 'Shame' (2011). Brandon is a publicist who struggles with sex addiction and occasionally succumbs to temptation.

Gluttony -
Gluttony is essentially about overindulging in food and drink. It's about greedily overeating just for the sheer pleasure of it.

Gluttony: Homer Simpson -
When he's not drinking beer, Homer Simpson is always munching on something. This character from 'The Simpsons' is a clear example of gluttony.

Sloth -
The sin of sloth is essentially laziness. Not doing something that needs to be done, just because one doesn't really want to make an effort.

Sloth: Garfield -
Garfield is a perfect example of sloth. This cat loves to watch TV all day and doing as little as possible.

Wrath -
We all get angry, but wrath is a bit different. It's about extreme rage and being vengeful.

Wrath: Beatrix Kiddo -
A good example of wrath is Beatrix Kiddo (Uma Thurman) of the 'Kill Bill' movies. After all, she goes on a quest for revenge and it does get pretty violent.

Envy -
Coveting, and being resentful of and negative about other people's lives, status, abilities, or situations, is what defines this deadly sin. Here are some envious characters.

Envy: Commodus -
Joaquin Phoenix plays Commodus in 'Gladiator' (2000), who, despite being a Roman emperor, is clearly envious of gladiator Maximus (Russell Crowe).

Greed -
Greed is all about having a selfish desire and unhealthy attachment to money and material goods, as well as non-material things such as fame and power.

Greed: EdCrane -
The 2001 film 'The Man Who Wasn't There' features a great example of greed. Ed Crane (Billy Bob Thornton) plays a selfish and greedy barber whose blackmailing plan backfires.

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