Sharks off Mississippi’s Coast

Blacknose: have a black nose and copper-colored body. Their eyes are not as big as the Mako shark but their eyes do seem larger than usual. Blacknoses are a smaller shark that sometimes is mixed-up.

Atlantic sharpnose shark : is the Atlantic sharpnose shark. They are also a pretty small shark when it comes to sharks. They get their name from their long snout that looks like a sharp nose.

Blacktip:These sharks get their name from the faded black tips on their fins. They are quite a bit larger than the sharpnose sharks and can get to be 6ft 3in but most are around 4ft 8in.

Finetooth:often swim in schools so you could see a large group of sharks swimming of the coast. Finetooths are a slender shark around 4-6 feet in length.

Tiger Shark:really do have tiger-like markings on their back. Tiger sharks are also big, with the largest getting to be around 15ft long! There have only been three recorded shark attacks.

Shortfin Mako: could be called the big-eyed shark because of its large cartoon-sized eyes. They have a bluer color and a large tail fin. The range in size of the shortfin mako is 6 ½ -13 feet.

 Hammerhead: out deeper off Mississippi’s coast. Three types of hammerheads that have been seen include the bonnethead, scalloped and great hammerhead.

Bull shark: can be found in the Sound and in some of the brackish waters along the coast. The younger smaller sharks may be found in the estuaries and rivers with the adults preferring the Gulf.

Spinner:uses the spinning technique as a way to catch fish in its mouth. It starts below the surface with its mouth open swimming through a large school of fish then leaps out of the water.

Sharpnose sevengill: They look almost like a sturgeon with a long, skinny, torpedo-like body. They are also missing the typical dorsal fin that jets above the surface of the water as warning. 

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