Signs you need a mental health day off, and how to reset

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Physical consequences that can develop: -Mental health is still health, and chronic stress can have long-term consequences.

How to take a mental health day off: -Now let's look at how you can go about taking a mental health day off.

Signs it’s time to take a mental health day off: -It's not always obvious when your brain needs a break, but there are a number of signs that can indicate when it does. 

Why should you take a mental health day?: -If you're feeling overwhelmed from the news or any other life factors.

You're more anxious than usual: -Anxiety can appear in different forms, from racing thoughts to panic attacks.

You're super moody: -If you're often dealing with chronic anger, irritability, or just generally feeling sad.

You have frequent colds: -A frequent sickness means a stressed immune system. 

Call in sick: -Remember, mental health is still health. If you’re dealing with anxiety, depression.

You can't focus: -Stress generally leads to brain fog. Taking a step back from work for a day could help you shake.

You’re relying on substances for help: -Increased alcohol and substance use are classic signs.

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