Signs that your soul has lived past life

1. Recurring dreams: Dreams are a reflection of the unconscious mind, and some believe that repetitive dreams can reflect past experiences in other lives.

2. Out-of-place memories: There are many cases of young children who have memories where they can accurately describe in detail people, places, or events they've never experienced.

3. Strong intuition: If you have a sense for something that hasn't happened or are able to understand something without it being explained to you, you may have strong intuition.

4. Déjà vu: Everyone experiences the sensation of déjà vu, usually triggered by smells, sounds, sights, tastes, and many other factors.

5. You're an empath: Empaths can absorb the emotions, energy, and pain of those around them, directly experiencing and feeling what others experience.

6. Precognition: Also known as "future sight," this involves the ability to know things about the future through visions, physical sensations, or even dreams.

7. You're an old soul: Simply feeling older than you really are is another sign that you've lived past lives.

8. Inexplicable affinity for certain time periods: Having an inexplicable attraction for a certain time period, place, culture, or environment can indicate that you have already experienced it.

9. Birthmarks: Birthmarks are sometimes thought to be a physical remnant of a past trauma.

10. Fears or phobias: Inexplicable and strong fears or phobias can be left over from experiences during a past life.