Signs you'd be considered a witch in the 17th century

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You are female -
Yes, being a woman would put you instantly under the radar for witchcraft and association with the devil.

You are female -
A good example would be in the famous Salem trials, where 13 women and five men were convicted.

You are poor - If you're poor or homeless, and have to rely on external help, your neighbors will likely distrust you, and that basically makes you a witch.

You are poor -
Sarah Good, a poor woman who would wander around home to home begging for food, was accused of witchcraft in the Salem trials and hanged in 1692.

You are wealthy -
Don't think you can get away with it if you're rich either! Any financially independent woman who lived without a man's provision would raise eyebrows.

You are wealthy - The vast majority of the women executed for witchcraft in New England were women without brothers or sons to leave their inheritance

You hang out with your friends -
A group of women together is likely a coven of witches, so you'd probably be accused of witchcraft.

You are old - An old woman named Rebecca Nurse was one of the accused in the Salem witch trials. She was executed at 71.

You are young -
Don't expect things to get easier if you're a child either. Because, you know, children can be witches too.

You are young - Goode was just four years old! Her mother, Sarah Goode, with whom she allegedly practiced witchcraft, was hanged.

Your dairy products have spoiled -
Spoiled dairy products were mentioned in the Salem trials as evidence of black magic.

You have sex out of wedlock -
The child of a woman named Alice Lake died, and some time later she claimed to have seen the baby.

You have sex out of wedlock - She was brought to trial and accused of witchcraft, because she had premarital sex and the devil was visiting her in the form of her dead child.

You daydream about your soulmate -
Do you daydream about the perfect partner and try to imagine how that person will be? If your answer is yes, you might be a witch!

You daydream about your soulmate -
A slave woman named Tituba was accused of witchcraft because she encouraged girls to predict the identities of their future husbands.

You have broken one or more Bible rules - Any rule will do. This will automatically put you in a pact with the devil, and instantly turn you into a witch. 

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