Sleep Tourism: the best destinations to sleep better

'Sleep Tourism': a new trend - Since we sleep less and less, and worse and worse, journalist Roger Sands dedicated an article in Forbes to the new trend of 'Sleep Tourism.'

No sightseeing holidays - A sleeping holiday is one in which you can sleep better and, above all, more.

Is a sleep vacation a real thing? - According to Forbes, the National Sleep Foundation of the United States states that sleep tourism is possible. 

Hotel Preidlhof - Naturns, Bolzano (Italy) - The first 'Sleep Tourism' destination identified by Forbes is the Hotel Preidlhof, the wellness resort in Northern Italy.

Activities to improve sleep quality - Among the various activities included in the program are sleep rituals of the Dolomites, acupuncture and sleep massages etc.

Sleep under the stars - Furthermore, customers will also be able to sleep under the starry sky thanks to the comfortable beds installed on the balconies of their rooms.

Selina Agafay (Morocco) - A mix between 'Sleep Tourism' and Glamping is offered by Selina Agafay, near Marrakesh in Morocco.

Glamping style - The incredible experience features comfortable glamping-style accommodation, with huge beds, air conditioning, and a private pool.

California (United States) - Let's move to the United States, to California to be precise, where another fantastic resort awaits you to guarantee you the best night's sleep of your life.

Calm your mind and body - The program includes relaxing treatments to calm the mind and body through wraps made with natural ingredients, aromatherapy, and specific relaxing massages.

The restorative nap service - Furthermore, the Restorative Nap service, provided by the structure, offers guests a 25-minute rest to rebalance mind, body, and spirit through guided meditation.

Provenance Hotel - Portland, Oregon (USA) - Another totally 'Sleep Tourism' experience can be had at the Provenance Hotel in Portland, also in the United States.

Hotel Sofitel - New York (USA) - This luxury New York hotel has designed truly fabulous mattresses called Sofitel MyBed to ensure a perfect sleeping experience for its guests.

Highest quality materials - These particular mattresses have been crafted from the highest quality materials to relieve pressure and offer optimal support every night.

A collection of made-to-measure beds - The hotel chain has even decided to create a collection of custom-made beds to promote relaxing and long sleep.

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