Snakes that  Look Like Copperheads

The Corn Snake: is right at home at the top of a list of snakes mistaken for copperheads. Both of these snakes have reddish scales, but a corn snake’s scales are a darker shade of red.

The Northern Water Snake: it can be easy to believe they are the same reptile. Northern water snakes have gray, brown, or reddish scales similar to copperheads. 

The Eastern Rat Snake:is similar to a copperhead.A juvenile Eastern rat snake has a pattern of brown splotches on a light gray background of scales.This fools some folks into thinking they’ve spotted

The Eastern Hognose Snake: doesn’t have a triangular head like a copperhead. However, when it feels threatened by a person or other animal, it puffs out its neck area and this makes its head take.

The Eastern Milk Snake:Though both snakes have dark bands on their backs, the Eastern milk snake’s colors are brighter. The black border around its reddish-brown splotches makes the pattern stand .

The Texas Brown Snake:has the same brown and reddish scales as a copperhead along with dark splotches on its back. But Texas brown snakes are much shorter than copperheads and their bodies .

The Mole Kingsnake: Also, a mole kingsnake has tiny, dark eyes with round pupils. Alternatively, a copperhead has light-colored or yellowish eyes with vertical pupils.

 The Black Racer Snake:A simple way to differentiate a juvenile Black racer snake from an adult copperhead is the juvenile Black racer is much shorter. Another big difference between these snakes.

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