‘SNL’, Season 42 From Trump to David S. Pumpkins

Heading 1

A Day Off: Yes, it’s been a season filled with celebrity impersonators – but is there a man, woman or beast.

Trump vs. Clinton: Arguably the highlight of SNL 42’s great double act, this third debate has it all: Baldwin’s Trump impersonation.

Pepsi Ad: People tore into Kendall Jenner for what was, at best, a tone-deaf Pepsi commercial (and at worst.

‘Actress Round-Table: You could argue that these recurring “Women in Film” sketches – in which Kate McKinnon’s.

Black Jeopardy: This go-to game show premise had already been showing slight signs of wear by the time it was brought back.

Sean Spicer Press Conference: Melissa McCarthy described the experience of being in this sketch in The Hollywood Reporter‘s SNL cover story.

Republican Movie Trailer: How better to call out the spineless GOP politicians who refused to stand up to President Trump.

The Bubble: It’s a planned community for like-minded free-thinkers … and no one else!” You heard the phrase.

Haunted Elevator: We could have populated most of this list with the October 23rd, 2016 episode hosted by Tom Hanks.

Complicit Perfume: Scarlett Johansson’s Ivanka Trump is all cheekbones and vacant stares, a sort of glamorous mannequin.

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