Top most Songs with memorable keyboard riffs

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'Take On Me': - Aha The jaunty intro to 'Take On Me' was achieved using a Roland Juno-60 and Yamaha DX-7.

'Light My Fire': - The Doors One of rock music's most iconic keyboard intros is played by Ray Manzarek on the Doors' 'Light My Fire.

Baba O’Riley': - The Who Peter Townshend composed and played the hypnotic introduction to 1971's 'Baba O’Riley.

'Catherine Parr': - Rick Wakeman One of rock music's greatest keyboard exponents, Rick Wakeman, known for his stint in the prog rock band.

'Green Onions': - Booker T & The MGs An instrumental classic released in 1962, 'Green Onions' is essentially a 12-bar blues underpinned by Booker 

'Jump': - Van Halen While 'Jump' is celebrated for a virtuoso guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen, the track, released as a single in 1983.

'A Whiter Shade of Pale': - Procol Harum One of the evergreen songs of the '60s, Procol Harum's enduring classic is noted.

'Because': - The Beatles The prominent use of the Moog synthesizer on 'Abbey Road' is especially apparent on the ballad.

'1999': - Prince Always the visionary, in 1982 Prince was urging us all to party like it was 1999. 

'Superstition': - Stevie Wonder Instantly recognizable, the opening riff to 'Superstition' is Stevie Wonder at his funkiest. 

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