Songs you won't believe are turning 30 in 2023

'All Apologies' - Nirvana -
Kurt Cobain dedicated this song to wife Courtney Love and their daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. Sadly, four months after its release, Cobain was gone. 

'Hero' - Mariah Carey -
Regarded as one of Mariah Carey's signature ballads, 'Hero' became a timeless anthem for anyone who has ever struggled with self-doubt or adversity.

'Are You Gonna Go My Way?' - Lenny Kravitz - Yes, this high-energy rock anthem came out 30 years ago! With its catchy chorus, we still can't get enough.

'That’s the Way Love Goes' - Janet Jackson - This sultry and seductive R&B jam was one of the longest-reigning hits of 1993, topping the Billboard Hot 100 for eight weeks.

'Insane in the Brain' - Cypress Hill -
This '93 hip-hop tune provided the epic line: "Insane in the membrane? Insane in the brain!"

'All I Wanna Do' - Sheryl Crow -
Released 30 years ago, this catchy pop-rock song became a beloved anthem for anyone who wants to let loose and have a good time.

'Shoop' - Salt-N-Pepa -
One of the group's more successful singles, 'Shoop' became an instant hit and has since become a beloved hip-hop classic.

'Macarena' - Los Del Río -
The international hit, by Spanish duo Los Del Río, inspired a dance craze that lives on 30 years later.

'Mr. Jones' - Counting Crows -
'Mr. Jones' by Counting Crows is a melodic rock track that touches on themes of identity and alienation, just in line with the youth of the time.

'Who Am I? (What’s My Name?)' - Snoop Dog - Those who hadn’t heard of Snoop from Dr. Dre’s 1992 album 'The Chronic' certainly came to know him when he dropped this funky solo debut.

'Venus as a Boy' - Björk -
This dreamy, ethereal track by Björk has become a fan favorite thanks to its haunting melodies and evocative imagery.

'Keep Ya Head Up' - Tupac -
An uplifting hip-hop anthem that showcased the rapper's social consciousness, 'Keep Ya Head Up' continues to inspire listeners today.

'It Was a Good Day' - Ice Cube -
When Ice Cube released this '93 hit, it showed that even the most hardcore gangsta rappers could look on the bright side of life.

'Runaway ' - Soul Asylum -
Released in June 1993, this power ballad became a worldwide success, reaching no. 5 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

'Plush' - Temple Pilots -
This grunge hit became the band's first single to top the Billboard Album Rock Tracks chart.

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