Spanish high court backs man's right to walk naked in the street

In a statement, the region's high court said it had struck down an appeal against a lower court decision to annul fines handed out to the man for being naked in the streets of Aldaia.

A Spanish high court has ruled in favour of a man who was fined for walking naked through the streets of a town in the region of Valencia and later tried to attend a court hearing in the nude.

Alejandro Colomar, 29, was filmed arriving at court wearing just a pair of hiking boots before being ordered to put more clothes on to enter the building. At his trial.

He told Reuters he began stripping off in public in 2020 and has received more support than insults when walking about naked, although he was once threatened with a knife.

Public nudity has been legal in Spain since 1988. Anyone can walk naked down a street without being arrested, but some regions such as Valladolid.

Valencia court ruled Colomar had limited himself to remaining or circulating naked at different times in 2 different streets of Aldaia and his behaviour did not imply an alteration of citizen security

The court, however, acknowledged a "legal vacuum" in Spanish law regarding public nudity.

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