Stars who have entertained the troops

Fred Astaire (1899–1987) -
Song and dance man Fred Astaire finding his feet performing on stage for American soldiers at Versailles, during a USO show for the troops in September 1944.

Mickey Rooney (1920–2014) - Rooney was a member of a three-man unit making a jeep tour to entertain troops in the last days of the Second World War.

Marlene Dietrich (1901–1992) -
German-born American actress and singer Marlene Dietrich in fine voice for US troops in 1944 during a tour of Europe.

Irving Berlin (1888–1989) and Marlene Dietrich (1901–1992) - Dressed in army garb in Italy in 1944 are composer Irving Berlin and Marlene Dietrich during a break from entertaining US troops.

Marilyn Monroe (1926–1962) -
In February 1954, Marilyn Monroe flew to South Korea to entertain US troops during a lull in the Korean War.

Marilyn Monroe (1926–1962) -
The most-envied tank crew in South Korea takes Marilyn Monroe for a ride before her show in front of troops during her visit in February 1954.

Sammy Davis Jr. (1925–1990) -
Sammy Davis Jr. in full swing on stage at USAF Base Lakenheath in Suffolk, England in 1960.

Raquel Welch -
Raquel Welch dances on stage with a group of soldiers during a Bob Hope USO show at Da Nang, Vietnam, in 1967.

Nancy Sinatra -
Similarly, a smiling Nancy Sinatra performs for members of the First Infantry Division in Bien Hoa, South Vietnam, in 1967.

Bob Hope (1903–2003) -
Bob Hope, seen here in 1970, quips with American GIs in Vietnam, "I hear you guys are interested in gardening here.

Jay Leno - Leno was in the region to entertain US troops participating in Operation Desert Shield in 1990.

Salma Hayek -
Salma Hayek salutes with a smile during USO's 1999 "Operation Starlift" at the Hollywood Bowl in California.

Jennifer Lopez -
Jennifer Lopez sings in front of the flag for US military personnel at Ramstein Air Base in Germany in December 2001.

Robin Williams (1951–2014) -
Robin Williams entertains troops at Baghdad airport in December 2003.

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