Stars who were once homeless

John Cena -
In an interview with The Sun, John Cena revealed that he spent a period sleeping in his car when he arrived in Hollywood.

Halle Berry - When she was first starting out as an actress, Berry found herself homeless and had to stay in shelters in her very early 20s.

Jim Carrey - When asked about his childhood, Carrey recalled, "We were living out of a van. I quit school at age 15 to begin working to help support my family as a janitor.”

David Letterman - When the iconic talk show host was first starting out in Los Angeles in 1973, he had to live out of his pickup truck.

Natasha Lyonne - Before her big-time acting days, the 'American Pie' star was battling drug addiction and living on the streets.

Jewel - When Jewel Kilcher was just 18 years old, she lived in her VW van after she was fired from her job for refusing to have sex with her boss.

Hilary Swank - When Swank and her mother first moved to Los Angeles, they could not afford a place to stay, so they lived out of their car.

Chris Pratt - After he dropped out of community college, the 'Parks and Recreation' actor fell on hard times and was living out of his van.

Jennifer Lopez - Before she booked her first major gig, Lopez was sleeping in her dance studio for three months because she had nowhere else to go.

Dr. Phil - The television host and psychologist had a troubled childhood, living out of a car with his alcoholic father.

Shania Twain -
The Canadian singer grew up in poverty and lived for a time with her mother and sister in a homeless shelter in Toronto. 

Kurt Cobain - The late Nirvana front man was homeless for a time in Aberdeen, Washington, reportedly living under a bridge and sleeping in hospital waiting rooms.

Daniel Craig - Now best-known as James Bond, there was a time when the actor was James Broke, sleeping on park benches in London as a teenager.

Sylvester Stallone - When he was chasing his dream of becoming a famous actor, Stallone spent three weeks sleeping at a bus station.

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