Stars with a pronounced and special nose

Natalie Portman - Actress Natalie Portman also shows that a beautifully symmetric face can go together with a pronounced nose.

Lady Gaga - The singer and actress has a remarkable nose that is hard to ignore. It gives her a special charm, though.

Ben Stiller - This comedic actor also has a special appeal thanks to the shape of his nose.

Sarah Jessica Parker - Sarah Jessica Parker's face is also characterized by an elongated nose with pronounced nostrils, perhaps slightly thinner than at the beginning of her career.

Sarah Jessica Parker's nose - Is it strange that people doubt whether she had plastic surgery? The photo you see here was taken in 1985.

Meryl Streep - Always an icon of beauty and charm, Meryl Streep has shown everyone that a harmonious face is possible even with a more pronounced nose.

Adrien Brody - Another international celebrity with a remarkable nose is actor Adrien Brody, winner of the Oscar for Best Actor for the film 'The Pianist' (2003).

Emily Ratajkowski - The model Emily Ratajkowski, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful women in the world, has an elongated nose with rather pronounced nostrils if seen in profile.

Cate Blanchett - And what about the beauty of Cate Blanchett? A bright, symmetrical, and delicate face, despite the fact that her nose does not follow Hollywood standards.

Anjelica Huston - Anjelica Huston told The Guardian that, in her early career, a modeling agent suggested she change her nose. She refused. "I would’ve looked weird. It wouldn’t have suited my face."

Robert Pattinson - Despite his marked, asymmetrical nose, Robert Pattinson has been considered by scientists as one of the most beautiful men in the entertainment industry.

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