Stephen King Movies, Ranked

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The Night Flier: Picture Twin Peaks‘ forensic expert Albert Rosenfield, only somehow crankier and more foul-mouthed and working for a Weekly World News-style tabloid.

Needful Things: Never trust a curiosity shop that stocks precisely what every oddball in your community needs – especially when its owner happens to be a suspiciously.

Maximum Overdrive: The tail of a rogue comet sends machines into a weeklong homicidal rampage (cue rabid electric knife.

Thinner: Published under the nom de plume Richard Bachman, King’s 1984 novel about an obese.

Hearts in Atlantis: Perhaps the only thing that obsesses Stephen King more than horror is childhood, in all its lights and darks.

1408: A jaded author (John Cusack) who reviews supposedly haunted tourist traps checks into a New York hotel room that is.

The Lawnmower Man: Aside from featuring a lawnmower man – and a sequence where the lawnmower runs by itself and turns homicidal.

The Mangler: Ok: so maybe the Night Shift short story about a killer industry-press laundry machine wasn’t top-notch source.

Secret Window: If you’re a Stephen King character, writer’s block can be a beast – and Mort Rainey, the character at the center of King’s novella Secret Window, Secret Garden.

Dreamcatcher: You can’t fault the ambition of director Lawrence Kasdan’s audacious mixture of alien-invasion thriller, creepy-crawly horror movie.

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