Stop putting these foods in the fridge

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Baked goods: - Storing baked goods in the fridge, though counter-intuitive, will actually make them go stale.

Sliced bread: - Although the fridge keeps mold at bay, it also dries out the loaf. Instead, store extra bread in the freezer.

Honey: - Honey is known to seize up and crystallize in cold temperatures, and it will last much longer than you'd think at room temperature.

Basil: - Refrigerated basil turns black very quickly. Instead, treat it like a flower.

Tomatoes: - If you want to enjoy crisp, non-mealy, flavorful tomatoes, don't put them in the fridge where the cool air makes them mushy .

Onions: - Whole onions need air circulation to stay fresh, so keep them in a paper bag with holes in the pantry.

Whole melons: - Putting uncut melons in the fridge can actually reduce the number of antioxidants by half.

Bananas: -In the fridge, bananas don't ripen nicely and their skin browns prematurely. 

Potatoes: - Cold temperatures convert potato starch into sugar, resulting in a too-sweet flavor and a gritty texture.

Apples: - A cool, crisp apple is refreshing, but they’ll lose their crisp freshness and sharp flavor if you keep them in the fridge.

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